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קורצ'אק של הילדים


Mabatim specializes in the development, planning, design and production of projects in the realm of culture, education and tourism - museums, visitor centers, thematic projects, educational projects, exhibitions and tourist sites.

We specialize in the development of an idea concept, consolidating content for various programs, plans and design, and going on to produce, build and supervise the full realization of the project.

Our first step in planning a project is identifying the essence that will be the guiding line in our story of content. The story is told along a path of sensory experience, combining audio-visual and interactive components. The aim is to create identification and emphasize common ground, bringing a moment in time and a place closer to those who come to observe and learn. The narration is offered using authentic materials interwoven with innovative interactive means of illustration.

All this is made possible after conducting a thorough and detailed research which helps consolidate content as well as design, and affords our team an intimate acquaintance with the subject.

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